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Sasa Tresses Hair Extensions Photoshoot - Jessy J Dallas Beauty Photographer

I love hair photoshoots so much especially when I'm able to explore different looks with the help of some clip hair extensions. I prefer clip ins simply because they are safe on natural hair, super easy to use and the model still has the ability to make a dramatic transformation within minutes!

I had the honor to be a part of the Sasa Tresses Clip In Hair Extensions Campaign and photograph some soft and beautiful looks on 4 lovely models. The hair was super thick and great quality so it made it easy to blend into each models hair. One of the common issues I have seen with hair extensions not blending properly so I was thrilled that there were NO problems experienced on set.

Sasa Tresses Clip In Hair Extensions offer a multitude of amazing shades at a great price. They are long lasting and so easy to use that I'm excited to say I have some that I use regularly. Make sure to check out these incredible clip in hair extensions by going to

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