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Jessy J first set the world on fire with charcoal and a lens. As the daughter of two artists, creating portraits with dad’s camera or mom’s sketchpad was a natural hobby. Playing with vivid colors and shading kindled a love for savoring her favorite moments.


A little later, modeling in ad campaigns and editorials reignited her interest in photography. This art-savvy woman parlayed her modeling gigs into learning experiences, picking up techniques from a medley of photographers and creative directors. It didn’t take long for her to flip the lens and start to capture the world through her fresh perspective [i.e. the genesis of Jessy J. Photo].


Shooting with considerable panache and imagination, each image Jessy captures tells a bold and captivating story. Through lighting, composition, and color, she provides a customized experience for each client to bring their brand vision to life. Concurrently working in Dallas and Los Angeles, her visual artistry focuses on beauty, cosmetics, hair, skin, editorial, and fashion photography spanning from editorial magazines to commercial campaigns.

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