Jessy J. first set the world on fire with charcoal and a lens. As the daughter of two artists, creating portraits with dad’s camera or mom’s sketchpad was a natural hobby. Playing with vivid colors and shading kindled a love for savoring her favorite moments.


A little later, modeling in ad campaigns and editorials ignited her interest in photography. This art-savvy girl parlayed her modeling gigs into learning experiences, picking up techniques from a medley of photographers and creative directors. It didn’t take long for her to flip the lens, and start to capture the world through her fresh, colorful perspective [i.e. the genesis of Jessy J. Photo].


What is unique about Jessy J.’s Photo is that she has culminated her background modeling and sketching to create customized experiences for her clients. She understands what works to make a pretty picture. Post-production is at the heart of what sets her apart.  Jessy’s keen eye for style shines brilliantly through her vibrant photos and unique retouching style.

Jessy J Photo
Jessy J Photo
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