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Why Hair Can Make or Break Your Photoshoot - Jessy J Dallas Beauty Photographer

For photographers and models, it's essential that makeup, hair, wardrobe, location, and lighting are perfectly planned and flawlessly executed at a photoshoot. One element lacking can negatively impact the day if the team is not prepared. With a strong crew, miraculously things can work out but one thing is needs to look amazing at your photoshoot!

Second to lighting, I believe hair is a critical component to having a great shoot day. If not done properly, it can be a difficult and timely area to fix in post production. For that reason, I do everything in my power at my photoshoots to ensure that hair looks great straight out the camera. Here are a few photographer and model hair tips for your next shoot:

  • Pre Shoot

  • Make sure hair is clean upon arriving on set

  • If hair color is used, make sure roots are touched up a few days prior

  • If you have a particular haircut, it is always best hair is trimmed or cut to desired length and style before your shoot

  • Hiring a Professional Hair Stylist

  • Take a look at their portfolio to determine if they can achieve the various styles you need. Some have specialties so make sure your hire based on their expertise

  • Your stylist should be familiar with working efficiently and quickly on set...Remember time is money!

  • Make sure they are able to stay the entirety of the shoot to help fix hair as you move around

  • I'm a personal fan of stylists that stay close enough to the model to ensure every strand stays in place while I'm shooting

  • I always have a list of professional hair stylists that I work with and provide to the client if they need assistance

  • Hair Control

  • In certain situations, ​I prefer an effortless style that is slightly messy and not perfect. Some flyaways are ok and give a natural look to the photo

  • In beauty photos, hair typically needs more control as these images are shot close up. For that reason, hair issues are more evident

  • Flyaways are sometimes unnoticeable to the eye but can be easily spotted in the final image. Thoroughly examine your test shots to correct any unruly hair

  • Use a great pomade or hairspray to control any unnecessary flyaways onsite

  • My personal favorite is the TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick​​

  • Wigs and Extensions

  • I'm a huge fan of using because wigs and extensions are an easy way to transform a model's look without damaging their real hair

  • Make sure the hair selected matches your hair color and texture if your natural hair will be exposed

  • If you are wearing a lace frontal, it's best to get one with a realistic looking hairline or using a lacefront specialist to install for ideal results

  • For those that need something quick and easy to install without a professional, I always recommend clip in hair extensions for extra volume and length

  • My personal favorite luxury human hair clip ins are Sasa Tresses Clip In Hair Extensions which are by far the thickest and longest lasting I've seen on the market

  • ​Fan Usage

  • A lot of my photoshoots involve a fan and here's why..they can bring life to a photo!

  • The models hair ideally should be down and long enough to blow

  • Fan speed and angle are important to achieve the best results

  • I personally like lower speeds and fans angled to where the hair is open on the face. This prevents hair from flying across the face and keeps the hair style recognizable

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